Top 10 wall colour combinations with light green.

When it comes to transforming your home spaces, the choice of wall colour tops the list. Most people prefer to go for two colours rather than just one. To have more diversity in the home, others also choose three shades. In this article, we will explore wall colour combinations with light green. Light green is considered to be a soothing shade and is among the choices for most interior designers. All the combinations, whether it is modern looks, classy vibes, or beachy style, have been covered.

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Wall colour combinations with light green

The light green colour is considered to have a soothing effect on a person. So pairing it with another colour will only enhance the home space.


Light green and soft ivory

Pairing light green with soft ivory will give your room a softer and elegant look. This combination will make your room seem larger than before. It also creates an airy ambience for the people living in it. The contrast and combination of the colours produce a calming environment. The vibrant light green is balanced out with the neutrality of soft ivory.















Source: Pinterest (Briarwood Home)


Light green and earthy browns

This colour combination will give a vibe of a forest inside your house. This is the perfect combination for nature lovers. This gives the space a natural and calming look and ambience. The combination of light green and earthy browns will provide a connection to your natural world.


Source: Pinterest (Behr Paint)


Light green and soft blue

To give your space a coastal twist, paint the room with light green in combination with accents of soft blue. This will make your space more airy, fresh, and cool. The combination will also bring the essence of the sky with plants in the room. Light green with accents of blue will make the space fresh and breezy and will provide a coastal vibe to your eyes.


Source: Pinterest (Interior Design Ideas)


Light green and yellow

Pair light green with shades of soft yellow or pale yellow accents. This will give the room a sunny experience. If you want the room to be bright and vibrant, go for the vibrant shade of yellow and pair it up with light green. This combination will only represent joy and positivity. This combination is a top choice for areas like kitchens, dining spaces, or gathering spaces.

Source: Pinterest (Better Homes and Gardens)


Light green and dark green

Pairing the shade with its darker shade can never go wrong. This will give your space the vibes of a garden with a fresh breeze and air in the room. This combination will also check the monochromatic trend. This combination will add depth and dimensions to the space.


Source: Pinterest (Valspar Paint UK)


Light green and subtle grey

This combination will give your space a zen-inspired look. This combination radiated calmness and balance. This is perfect for giving your bedroom a soothing look or can be used for a meditation room. The combination of light green with tones of grey will give your home a tranquil impression from the outside.


Source: Pinterest (Zilma Decor)


Light green and lavender

This combination of light green and lavender will transport you to lavender fields. This pairing of the contrasts will provide a dreamy and romantic energy, perfect for the bedroom or a reading room. This combination imports nature inside your house.


Source: Pinterest (Flickr)


Light green and coral

Using tones of coral with light green will add a pop of vibrancy to your space. This pairing of light green with soft coral balances the tranquillity of energy and is perfect for spaces utilized for social gatherings. This is also suitable for spaces used for creativity to widen your horizon.


Source: Pinterest (Oh Joy)


Light green and gold

This pair will give the energy of luxury and royalness. This combination is for homes that are up for adding grandeur. The subtle shade of gold against light green is worth giving a try. This combination will take your space to a whole new level.


Source: Pinterest (Iryna Kudrynska)


Light green and orange

The combination plays with colours and gives a popping effect to your space. Light green with tones of orange is a vibrant combination to try. This will make your space lively and exciting; everyone will notice and appreciate this combination.


Source: Pinterest



Why is light green colour is among the popular choices?

Light green radiates tranquillity, vibrancy, and calmness when applied to a space. The colour gets enhanced when it gets paired up with another contrasting tone. This colour has soothing and refreshing qualities.

Does light green colour work both for vintage and modern interiors?

Yes, light green can be used to give the impression of both vintage and modern interiors. However, the crucial choice comes when you pair it up with other colours.

Is light green colour ideal for small spaces?

Absolutely, light green colour can be applied to any size of the space. This can work wonders for the small spaces. The colour brings an airy and cool effect to the space.

What are some décor styles that go well with the light green wall colour?

With light green wall colour, you can experiment with décor styles like Scandinavian, dreamy, coastal, and farmhouse.

Does the direction of the room impact the light green wall colour?

Yes, the direction of the room faces can impact how the light green wall colour appears. North-facing rooms make the light green colour cooler, while the south-facing rooms can enhance the warmth.

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