Look Inside Shahrukh Khan’s Expensive 200 Cr House

‘India is known for loving its stars’ could now as well be called a cliché. Like all clichés, it hasn’t stopped being true. As such, our Bollywood superstars and their lives are under constant scrutiny.

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At Housing.com, we scrutinise the life of these superstars too, in our own way! Shah Rukh Khan’s recent release Pathan, after a hiatus of 4 years is a major box-office hit and has garnered over Rs 950 crore in 20 days worldwide breaking all records.

Shah Rukh Khan came to the terrace of Mannat to interact with fans and thank them for the success of Pathan.


Pathan’s official teaser was unveiled on Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and has been very well accepted by his fans worldwide.

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Shah Rukh Khan’s other films include Dunki with Rajkumar Hirani and ‘Jawan’, an action movie with Atlee is out in which he stars opposite Nayanthara.

Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth 2022 is close to Rs 6000 crore. As Shahrukh Khan enjoys a huge fan following, it is not surprising that ‘Mannat house’ is one of the most searched queries on the internet as people want to know more about the King size Mannat SRK house.

So, what is Mannat and what is the valuation of India’s most beloved superstar, Shahrukh Khan’s house in Mumbai? Mannat house is Shahrukh Khan’s house name in Mumbai. Mannat is 27,000 sq ft spread six-storeyed sprawling Shahrukh Khan residence that sports both vintage and contemporary design. The Mannat house cost might surprise you.  Shahrukh khan house Mannat’s price is pegged at Rs 200 crore and Shahrukh Khan himself has said that Mannat house is his most expensive purchase. Look Inside akshay kumar’s House

But, did you know that before Shah Rukh Khan, Mannat was first offered for sale to Salman Khan. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Salman Khan mentioned that ‘Mannat house’ had come to him for purchase at the beginning of his career and his father stopped him from purchasing such a big house.

Learn about contemporary house design

Mannat house: Name plate

Posting a picture of the name plate and dismissing any news of diamonds being studded in the SRK mannat house name plate, Gauri Khan explained the real design of the Mannat house name plate which she has designed under Gauri Khan designs.


Gauri wrote on Instagram, “The main door of your home is the entry point for your family and friends. So the name plate attracts positive energy… we chose a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting and calm vibe.

Fans were so amazed with the name plate that Mannat trended on twitter for a while. Terming it as the ‘Diamond name plate’ by Shah Rukh Khan’s fans, the Mannat SRK house new name plate glows in the dark.


Source: Twitter:Team Shah Rukh Khan Fan Club


Previously, Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat house got a new radium name plate which glows in the evenings. Media reports suggest that the name plate in Mannat house has been designed by Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan, has a diamond studded in it and is worth around Rs 25 lakh. However, this was removed after a month and renovation of the main entrance gate started.


Mannat SRK name plate



Mannat: Shah Rukh Khan Birthday celebrations

Shah Rukh Khan and his youngest son Abram met and waved to fans standing outside Mannat house from his famous ‘terrace’ on the occasion of his 57th birthday on November 2, 2022.

Source: Viral Bayani Instagram

Also, Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building was lit up on the occasion of Shah Rukh Khan’s 57th birthday.


Source: Instagram Burf Khalifa

Mannat: Ganpati celebrations

Shah Rukh Khan with his youngest son Abram welcomed Lord Ganesha at his Mannat SRK house on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.


Mannat: Har Ghar Tiranaga 

Following the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ – Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav campaign, Shah Rukh Khan along with wife Gauri Khan and sons Aryan and AbRam also hoisted the National Flag in their Mannat SRK house.



Recently, Shah Rukh Khan gave his fans a chance to catch a glimpse of the actor as he and his youngest son, AbRam Khan, came outside and greeted fans gathered outside Mannat on the occasion of Eid on July 10, 2022.

The superstar will have Bollywood couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone as his new neighbours. The star couple has purchased a luxurious quadruplex worth Rs 119 crore, which is situated within the residential tower, Sagar Resham in Bandra. The tower is in the vicinity of Mannat and Salman Khan’s pad in Galaxy Apartments.

Mannat house: Inside pictures

A recently done space  by Gauri Khan in Mannat House is the one which sports a black and white combination.

So, where is Shahrukh Khan house located? Bandstand in Bandra West is the Mannat house location. Mannat is a heritage building and a tourist spot. Such is the fan following of Bollywood’s Baadshah that several hundred people visit the Mannat house everyday hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite Bollywood star. SRK’s Mannat house comes with lavishly decorated indoors and beautiful gardens on the front side.

Mannat – A Peek into King Khan’s Home, and its Valuation

Source: http://bit.ly/262YNtN

While Shahrukh Khan bungalow, has neo-classical elements incorporated within itself, the interiors of the house are very modern and stylish, adorned with curios and objects of art from around the globe. Mannat stands out with large white pillars, French windows and superior designer lighting that makes a huge statement. The exterior wall of Mannat is all white while soft colours like beige, cream, white and brown are made use of inside.

The hind side of the Mannat house has an extended second wing which houses a posh lounge area for story sittings, a sprawling Shahrukh Khan house kitchen, along with a host of  Khan’s offices and studios and an intricately equipped gym. The multi-storeyed Mannat house, connected by a system of elevators, has two living rooms adorned with paintings by M.F Hussain, antiques and other art objects. Two of the Mannat house floors contain the family’s living area. The Mannat house has an entire floor which serves as a playroom for his kids, a library, a private bar and an entertainment centre.

The private theatre at Mannat has mahogany velvet red walls with posters of yesteryear movies like SholayMughal-E-Azam, and Ram Aur Shyam. The private theatre has burgundy shaded leather recliners giving an experience just cinema theatres outside.

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Here’s a sneak-peak inside the 5-bedroom Mannat house of Bollywood’s King Khan:

Recently, Mannat’s picture went viral, as Khan got the exteriors covered in plastic sheet during the monsoons. He apparently gets it done every year.

In March 2020, when the Coronavirus lockdown was announced, King Khan recorded a song from his Mannat house and posted it on social media networks. The song went viral, with over 7 million views, so far. The video was shot in his study of Mannat house which has a beautiful abstract painting with hardwood furniture, an army of bobble-head toys and a family portrait. This seems like a perfect place to work and focus on future movie scripts.


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Here’s how a leisure day looks like for the Khans, in their billion-dollar mansion on a recliner sofa.


There are multiple sitting areas in Mannat SRK house. The family room of Shahrukh Khan house has a low table that the Khans use for spending some quality time together, when not shooting.


Shahrukh Khan house has an elegant dresser with makeup lights placed vertically, on both sides of the mirror. One can see beautiful portraits on the rear wall of Mannat house, which are supposedly of his parents.


Shahrukh Khan has created a small enclosure on the terrace of Mannat house, from where he waves to his fans standing right outside Mannat and greets them on special days like festivities and his birthday.

On Eid this year, he waved and wished to thousands of his fans from here.




Here’s how the dining space looks like at Mannat SRK house. The 12-seater table with hardwood chairs adds elegance to the space. There are multiple kitchens in Shahrukh Khan house Mannat. This one has brick tiles and a simple look.



The grand study room of SRK’s house, where he keeps all his awards and spends most of his time, is visible in this video. The Filmfare trophies on the right, along with the several mementos are kept on the partition space behind the sofa at Shahrukh Khan house Mannat. The floor-to-ceiling wooden panels add warmth to the entire room, which is also circular in design.


The luxurious bathroom of Shahrukh Khan’s house, Mannat, has been aesthetically designed with glossy black and white marble flooring. The use of mirrors and glass detailing adds to the luxurious appeal of the Mannat bungalow.

(Source: Vogue India Instagram account)

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Recently, Gauri Khan shared some pictures of the terrace at Shahrukh Khan house that she renovated during the lockdown. With brown-paneled ceiling and similar wall décor, the makeover totally matches with the overall vibe of Mannat – majestic and yet, simple.



Take a look at some of the pretty greens on Mannat’s terrace, laced with white Bougainvillea flowers and amazing potted ferns, placed over a very rustic brown stool.



For those who want a glimpse of SRK’s life, here is a trailer of his interview with David Letterman, where, for the first time ever, Khan shot some of the sequence inside his home. A beautiful and spacious Shahrukh Khan house kitchen, the grand sitting area and the driveway can be easily noticed.


Recently, King Khan uploaded a video on Instagram to wish his fans on new year. He was seen seated just beside a beautiful artifact of a Jaguar. Check out the video where he is as usual chatty and full of humour.

While Suhana, Khan’s daughter was studying in New York, USA and back in India now,  his son, Aryan Khan is back in the tinsel town and is often seen with his friends during their outing. The Junior Khan is very active on social media and often shares glimpses of his life on Instagram:

Shahrukh Khan bungalow Mannat price

Mannat – A Peek into King Khan’s Home, and its ValuationSource: http://bit.ly/1nCWVzr

Originally called Villa Vienna, when Shahrukh Khan bought this 2,446 sq. metre (26, 328.52 sq. ft.) sea facing property in 2001 on a lease, he paid ₹13.32 crore and renamed it Mannat. Since then, the star has been paying a minimal rent of ₹2,325 a year, but when the Maharashtra government revised the land lease rates in Mumbai and its suburbs, the increased lease rent of ₹19 lakh a year, or a onetime occupancy fee of ₹8.3 crore (one-fifth of the plot’s Ready Reckoner value) for outright ownership of the same, was implemented.

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From these facts, we estimated the Ready Reckoner value of this plot; i.e the official price of this piece of land to be ₹41.5 crores. Now, considering the stature of the King of Bollywood, you might think that this isn’t that big an amount. So, we decided to go ahead and calculate the current market value of Mannat, and well, we were nothing short of shocked.

To estimate the value of Mannat we set out to find the average value of residential land in the same locality. Although nothing as big as Mr. Khan’s property is available for sale in the market, we compensated by finding residential apartment prices as a base.

A regular apartment in Bandstand Bandra(West), where Mannat is located, is priced at around ₹43,000 per square foot on an average. When we take this as our base price Mannat’s 26,328.52 sq.ft would be priced approximately at a massive ₹ 113.21 crores. Now that’s a  standard celebrity price. Mind you, that’s just the approximate value. Its heritage status and its location in an upscale neighbourhood adds a certain amount of extra value to the house, approximately 15 per cent according to some sources. Now, add to that a 6 floor high exuberantly furnished house, gorgeous lawns spread out in front of the house and large french windows with a fantastic view of the sea and you’ll get a palatial mansion which is valued at approximately a jaw dropping ₹ 200 crores!

Mannat – A Peek into King Khan’s Home, and its Valuation

Fun Fact 1 – What’s the average size of an Indian house? According to National Sample Survey Organisation, it is 494 sq ft in rural areas, or 103 sq ft per person, and 504 sq ft in urban areas, or 117 sq ft per person. That would be 225 people in Mannat alone!

Fun Fact 2- Recently another Bollywood superstar Salman Khan revealed that Mannat could have been his bungalow but his father- Salim Khan did not approve of it since it was too big. He said, “Itne bade ghar me karoge kya?” The 53-year-old actor also said that he wants to ask the same question to Shah Rukh Khan,”Tu itne bade ghar mein karta kya hai?”

Mannat house: Lesser known facts

  • Mannat’ is a 1920s-era, Grade III heritage villa, with modern Italian architecture and intricate neo-classical elements. Mannat house is often hailed as the perfect blend of vintage, modern and stylish interiors.
  • Not just swanky bedrooms, Mannat area also has a boxing ring, a tennis court and a lavish pool.
  • SRK bought ‘Villa Vienna’, now renamed as ‘Mannat’ from the ‘Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust’ in 2001. Earlier, the actor named it ‘Jannat’ but later changed it to its current name after his career reached its peak.
  • The house adorns some of the most prized possessions that one could ever own. Some of these include a huge canvas of Subhash Awchat’s reclining clown, a life-sized marble Radha-Krishna sculpture, a pair of four-ft-tall black vases from Paris and a jade Ganapati.
  • Gauri Khan, along with architect-and-designer, Kaif Faqui, had designed the interiors of Mannat SRK’s house. It took close to a decade the complete. She also designed the sprawling terrace to ensure family privacy. The terrace at Mannat house is also the place where SRK often comes to greets his fans.
  • Mannat also has an office where Shahrukh Khan does his meetings.  The office has dark cabinets, art pieces and family pictures all over. The Mannat house office extends to an award room or the lounge where Shahrukh Khan has kept all the awards that he has won all these years.
  • Architect Rajiv Parekh renovated Mannat in 2016. Back then, Aryan Khan’s floor was renovated with him going to the US for studying. As part of the renovation, the custom made boxing ring made way to for a new look.

Mannat house address

Mannat, Land’s End, Bandstand, Bandra (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400050, India

Shahrukh Khan house in Dubai

Shahrukh Khan also owns a luxury villa in Palm Beach Jumeirah, Dubai, which is the largest man-made sand seashore on the earth. Named as ‘Jannat’, Shahrukh Khan home in Dubai is worth Rs 100 crores. Gifted by a Dubai-based developer, Nakheel in September 2007, SRK spends a considerable amount of time in Dubai. The villa spans 8,500 sq. ft. The Shahrukh khan bungalow has two floors and a private beach area, where the family enjoys water sports and deep-sea fishing. The Shahrukh Khan bungalow property also has two remote-controlled garages. The total plot size on which the villa stands is about 14,000 sq ft. The interiors of Jannat are also done by Gauri Khan.


Shahrukh Khan house in Delhi: Inside pictures

Recently, King Khan and his wife collaborated with Airbnb, a home rental service marketplace, and offered their Panchsheel Park home on their website. The duo gave a tour of their house which has been redesigned by Gauri Khan. Check out the pictures that Khan shared on his social media profile giving a glimpse of his beautiful home.

Designed by Gauri Khan, this Delhi home has all the beautiful memories that the family shares. The house includes photos of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s kids- Aryan, Suhana and AbRam and all the memorabilia that the family has collected over the years. Another highlight of this house is the master bedroom’s gallery wall that has Aryan’s badminton racquets, Suhana’s make up brushes and original negatives of Shah Rukh Khan’s favourite movies, among other things.



Shahrukh Khan’s office: Inside pictures

Recently, Gauri Khan took to Instagram to share pictures of the ‘Red Chillies’ office, which was recently renovated under her supervision. She shared a heartfelt note and her vision behind designing King Khan’s space in Santacruz. Gauri wrote:

“Designing Shahrukh’s office at Red Chillies was a great experience throughout the lockdown. Amidst the masculine and minimalistic theme with a colour palette of black, white and grey, Kerradeco gave me a wide range of options, providing a tactile touch sensation. The innovative infratop ceiling system of VOX soffit promises extraordinary quality, as well as reliability. A home away from home, creating a space that was comfortable, yet that nurtured creativity. Designing the office with a huge outdoor space was an interesting challenge for me. The ease and comfort to attend virtual meetings, as well as creatively brainstorming for future projects at his office at Red Chillies office was my topmost priority for him.”


Shahrukh Khan house in Alibaug: The farmhouse

Shahrukh Khan rang in the new year 2023 with his family at his Alibaug farmhouse.


Shahrukh Khan’s lavish bungalow in Alibaug lies within a farm named Déjà Vu Farms, being valued at roughly Rs 14.67 crore as per estimates, mention reports. Shahrukh Khan bungalow covers a whopping 19,960 sq metres in total. It also has its own private helipad, swanky interiors in a soothing white theme, massive open areas and decks with wooden furniture. There is a swimming pool with this Shahrukh Khan bungalow, as well.

Shahrukh Khan bought this bungalow to relax, whenever he needed a getaway from Mumbai. The superstar has celebrated his birthday and other occasions here, over the years. Shahrukh Khan’s fascination for water/sea-facing homes is well known. Along with Mannat house, his primary home, which faces the Arabian Sea, this Alibaug property also overlooks the sea.

Shahrukh Khan vacation house in London

According to reports, Bollywood superstar, Shahrukh Khan also owns a plush apartment in central London’s posh neighbourhood, Park Lane. The actor and his family often spend their holidays in London. The Shah Rukh Khan house is worth Rs 172 crore.

Expensive things owned by SRK

Money cannot buy everything but for King Khan, it almost can. From beach properties in Dubai to some of the latest car models, here are some of the most expensive things owned by Shahrukh Khan:

  • A villa worth Rs 100 crore in Palm Jumeirah. SRK is also the brand ambassador for Dubai Tourism.
  • A villa worth Rs 172 crore in London, which is also one of his prized possessions.
  • A state-of-the-art vanity van with customised interiors worth Rs 4 crore.
  • A cricket team in the Indian Premier League, known as Kolkata Knight Riders, which has a brand value of Rs 600 crore, approximately.
  • SRK’s car collection includes a Bentley Continental GT, Bugatti Veyron and a Rolls Royce Coupe. While the Bentley is priced at Rs 4 crore, the Bugatti is priced at Rs 14 crore and the Rolls Royce costs Rs 7 crore. SRK also has a superbike Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob, which costs Rs 10 lakh.


What is the cost of Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat?

According to media reports, SRK’s Mannat price is supposedly priced at Rs 200 crores.

Who is the real owner of Mannat?

Shahrukh Khan bought this home from Nariman K Dubash, a trustee of Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust.

What was the price of Mannat when SRK bought it?

Shahrukh Khan bought Mannat on lease for Rs 13.32 crores.

Is Mannat on lease?

Yes, Mannat is a leasehold property.

How many floors is Mannat?

Shahrukh khan’s bungalow, Mannat, is a six-storeyed high building.

Does Mannat have a swimming pool?

Shahrukh Khan’s residence- the sprawling Mannat bungalow also includes a luxurious swimming pool.

*The edited picture used as the header image for this blog post was sourced from here: http://bit.ly/1YnHVr8

(Other images courtesy Shahrukh and Gauri Khan’s social media accounts)

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