Lace shopping at Manish Market Andheri

Manish Market, located in Andheri, Mumbai, is a haven for shopaholics. This bustling market specialises in textiles, especially lace. It is a vibrant hub of colours and fabrics, catering to shoppers in search of the ideal traditional attire. The traders here offer a variety of laces, in countless designs and materials, making it the go-to spot for tailors and fashion designers. Manish Market also offers a wide array of textile goods, making it a versatile shopping destination. Selling everything from tassels and laces to buttons, these shops in Andheri’s Manish Market are a paradise for DIY enthusiasts.

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Best stores for lace shopping at Manish Market Andheri

Check out these amazing stores brimming with exquisite laces, gota and other embellishments essential for crafting that perfect suit, saree or other DIY projects.

Ruchi Lace

Ruchi Lace offers a range of affordable gold laces, embroidery laces, buttons and more. With at least 50 varieties of golden laces in different shapes and sizes, you can easily find the perfect saree border or enhance your dupattas with their beautiful gotas. Prices start at Rs 100 for nine metres of golden lace, Rs 300 for nine metres of thick lace and Rs 50 for a pair of latkan.

Unique Art Gallery

Unique Art Gallery sources its stunning laces from Kutch in Gujarat and Kota in Rajasthan. Among the collection, there are plenty of quirky and adorable prints. The thick laces are adorned with mirror work and the intricate Rajasthani designs are a great fit for custom-made Punjabi suits. They also have a delightful assortment of buttons on display. Prices range from Rs 40 per metre for laces and Rs 750 for an entire bundle of thick lace.

New Ujala

Located next to Unique Art Gallery, this store is a must-visit for its captivating range of saree borders and latkans. Customers frequent this shop, bringing their dupattas to try out various laces until they find the perfect match. The store offers an extensive selection of laces, including embroidered, glittery, plain and mirrorwork varieties. Prices start at Rs 200 for nine metres of basic lace and Rs 150 for a pair of latkan.

Fancy Lace

Fancy Lace is a delightful spot to indulge in your lace obsession. Whether you seek fancy embroidery to adorn your cushions or something to amp up the style quotient of your sarees, this store has a wide array of crochet laces to suit your needs. Prices start at Rs 80 per metre for basic lace.

Saheli Lace

Explore a treasure trove of floral appliques, kurta buttons, zari or zardozi laces and show buttons at affordable prices. The shop is chock full of patterns and varieties. Prices start at Rs 50 per metre for laces.

Shivshakti Designer Collection

Step into this spacious store and be mesmerised by the extensive collection of zardozi laces, vibrant cotton rolls and bundles with multicoloured prints. For those planning to stitch a chaniyacholi for Navratri, they offer laces adorned with mirrorwork. Prices start at Rs 75 per metre for laces.

Pragati Fancy Lace

This shop is a one-stop destination for all types of laces, including satin, net, cotton, chiffon and georgette. They offer a delightful selection of cute tassels and latkans, perfect for accessorising blouses or using them in DIY projects. Prices start at Rs 100 per metre for laces.

Balaji Matching

Balaji offers a diverse range of products, including butter crepe, cut-piece materials, lining for sarees and an extensive collection of laces and dupattas. They have an in-house tailor to assist you with stitching. Prices start at Rs 80 per metre for laces and Rs 150 for petticoats and butter crepes.



What variety of laces are available at Manish Market, Andheri?

Manish Market, Andheri, offers a wide variety of laces, including zari, zardozi, crochet, mirror work and embroidered laces. You can find laces in different materials like satin, georgette, cotton, net and chiffon.

Are there options for custom stitching the laces on my outfits?

Yes, many shops in Manish Market have in-house tailors who can stitch the laces or appliques according to your preferences.

What is the price range for laces at Manish Market?

The price for laces at Manish Market varies depending on the type and material of the lace. On average, laces are available at around Rs 50 to Rs 100 per metre.

Are there any additional accessories available at the lace shops in Manish Market?

Yes, you can find a variety of accessories like latkans, tassels, floral appliques, show buttons and kurta buttons to add a unique touch to your outfits.

Can I find specialised places for festive occasions like Navratri or weddings?

Yes, Manish Market has an assortment of festive-themed laces, including mirror work lace that is perfect for Navratri chaniya-cholis. You can also find elegant laces suitable for wedding attire and other celebrations.

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